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Hong Kong’s Mid Levels are a truly unique place. I think the best way to describe them is stairs. Stairs, stairs and some more stairs. Not the kind of place you want to find yourself if you are wearing heels. The Mid Levels is a mixture of colourful houses, cascading down Hong Kong’s hills. My favourite part is the hip and alternative area around Tai Ping Shan street, with quirky shops selling art books and design magazines, odd and cool fashion boutiques, cafes, temples and tea houses (more about that on the blog shortly). The area has a distinctly european feel, from the fashion, to the food to the design and signage on the shops and cafes. So if you are looking for a dose of hip and cutting edge design, head to Tai Ping Shan. And remember to wear flats.

xx Alice

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Going to the Peak in Hong Kong, was one of the most breathtaking experiences on this trip. I am a creative, a daydreamer; so having my head in the clouds is practically my job description. But metaphors aside, I also like getting my head stuck in real clouds. I love hiking on misty mornings, watching chunks of white cotton candy creep up the mountains and quite literally walking on clouds. And as you hike down, the forest is revealed to you a piece at a time through the cloud cover. And I love that mystery. The most striking thing about a misty hike is as you walk downhill, one minute you are wrapped up in a fog so thick you can barely make out what’s in front of you and the next everything around you is crystal clear for miles, as you walk out of the bottom of the cloud cover. And if you are a photographer, the fog can create some amazing drama and mystery in your shots.

So I went up on the only cloudy day of my trip and soaked up some incredible views of both HK’s architecture and the forests covering the hills and the islands in the bay. If you are thinking of visiting, don’t just stick to the viewing platform at the top of the elevator. Go out and walk the ring that encircles the top of the hill. You will get to see Hong Kong from all sides: shiny skyscrapers, beautiful nature, the port and a waterfall. If you are into outdoor fitness, take your trainers along and make this your morning workout. It has plenty of shade to help you stay cool and lots of friendly fellow joggers.

xx Alice

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Hey guys. This is a long overdue post from my travels in Asia. This was my first visits to Hong Kong and I loved every second of it. It has been such a welcoming, busy and alive city. Everybody I met has been so helpful, friendly and interesting. I made so many new friends. If the word works on 6 degrees of separation, Hong Kong definitely works on 1. Everyone know everyone. And you realise that the people you met the day before actually know all your friends form school, university and your job; and will be coming to dinner at yours tonight.

Hong Kong has been my home away from home. I had lazy mornings in, cooked breakfast, met up with old friends from school for lunch dates and met new ones over drinks in the evenings. It was less about hitting the tourist spots and more about spending quality time with people and really getting to experience the day to day life of Hong Kong.

So here are some pictures from my first morning in Hong Kong. Stay tuned, there will be more to come.

xx Alice

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Hello everyone. I know it’s been way too long since my last post, but between all the work and some new stuff I have been working on for the blog it’s been a gruelling few months. But form now, I am making it  personal resolution to post more, way way way more. And to keep me going through research, dissertation writing and all the other work I’ve got on, I will be literally inhaling gallons of tea. So here are some of my tea faves that kept me company on my trip to Singapore: 


The worldly traveller option (great for a night in) 

First up is one of amy all time favourite tea retailers: the Asia-based TWG. The collection of teas is breathtaking, and on top of that, they have an amazing variety of blends. Take a break in one of their tea rooms, complete with a tropical orchid setting, a tea menu that has stretches into the hundreds and exceptionally yummy macarons.


The fun option (great for a night out)

Ok, so perhaps this isn’t strictly speaking a tea place, but bear with me and I will explain why Bar Stories qualifies. This is definitely one of my favourite bars in Singapore. This gem is tucked away on the fist floor overlooking Singapore’s quirkiest, hippest and most colourful street – Haji Lane. They have no menu. No menu means no limitations. Ask the bar staff to cook you up whatever you like, even something with a hint of tea.


The sweet tooth option (great for when you are on the go)

And now, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to this super smooth and ridiculously sweet tea wonder by the name of teh tarik, meaning pulled tea. Its a milk black tea, and drinking it in Singapore is practically a national pastime. So naturally you can get it on any street corner. But the really good stuff is involves the barista pouring the drink through the air in between two glasses to cool it down and froth it up. Take yours with ice to cool down from the Singapore heat.


The hip option (great for a social catch-up)

Shots Cafe is my favourite day-time hangout in Singapore. It has a really friendly and hip vibe. The bar staff are fun, friendly and make this gem of a cafe feel like a home away from home. You get a really fun young crowd coming here, from students cramming for their exams, to bloggers hard at work on their laptops, friends catching up for drinks and cool creative types working on their latest design project. And the thing that makes me unashamedly in love with this place is how active they are socially. They run instagram contests and showcase the entries as part of the decor, they are very active on social media and really engage with their customers via their opine profile. All in all, if you need a place to rest your feet, cool down from all the sightseeing or catch up with friend this is the best day-time hangout for it. Oh, and try the matcha tea sponge cake.

xx Alice

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765A0036 IMG_5123IMG_5094765A0157IMG_5135IMG_5091Photo 29-11-13 17 59 46

In the beauty department of the romance week I went all red. I usually like to keep lips all natural, but when I tried on this blood red lip colour by Kevyn Aucoin I absolutely had to wear it. It’s a perfect red to match any hair colour and it feels completely weightless – a great red to complement any evening outfit. Co-starring:

Red roses | Illamasqua eye lashes | Muji scented candle in red berries

xx Alice

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Celebrating Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about flowers and dinner, but since I can never say no to dim sum, I ended up in Mayfair’s Hakkasan. For me, the decor and the atmosphere is just as important as the food. So, unsurprisingly, I spent more time admiring the superbly designed cloakroom ticket than I did the menu…

My design-obsessive eccentricities aside, Hakkasan is the place for atmosphere (every detail is thought out, from flower arrangements, the beautiful cutout wooden screens and sparkle lighting to the gorgeous matching dresses worn by the hostesses), and of course an expertly put-together fusion menu. If you after a quieter night, try the Hakkasan in Hanway Place, or for a really busy and lively atmosphere go for the Mayfair branch. And if you want to be surprised by a delicious fusion tasting menu, Hakkasan’s sister – HKK – is a must.

xx Alice

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It’s been appallingly long since I posted. There was Christmas, then there were exams and then something to do with the 8000 or so photos I took over Christmas that needed to be edited (all to be up on the blog soon).

In the meantime, with V day on the way, I decided to do a bit of a his and hers post, featuring a book of men’s watches (a little present form the Patek store) and on my side the gorgeous and fragrant hyothynths and quirky art prints straight from Central Saint Martins.

xx Alice

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Pastels aren’t just for spring; they work great with fluffy winter jumpers and glittering white snow. So for a touch of simple elegance I have been matching these baby colours to all my winter wear this season.

xx Alice

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